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Taking Care-Continuum
to New Heights

Continuity of hospital-at-home care starts with the monitoring of patients in the hospital and transitioning to the home.Vgocare's remote patient monitoring solution enables clinicians to monitor patients continuously and in real time remotely at home.

The Difference: Hospital-at-Home
Implementing home monitoring solutions offers significant benefits for healthcare operations and patient care

Faster Recovery

Seamless Continuum of Care within the comfort of your home. Reducing the risk of hospital-acquired infections and regain mobility sooner, optimizing overall health and well-being.

Reduced Costs

Significant cost savings with hospital-at-home care. Patients benefit from lower expenses, while healthcare providers streamline operations and optimize resource usage. Hospital-at-home programs open new revenue opportunities for the healthcare sector.

Increased Capacity

Frees up vital hospital beds and resources allowing establishments to focus on critical care and expanding overall capacity. Vigo Technology enables to set up a virtual bed in less than 30min with no limitation to the capacity.

Reduced Readmission

Reduced readmission rates by up to 50% and prevent avoidable hospitalizations. Continuous monitoring and early warning systems empower healthcare providers to proactively manage disease progression and reducing complications.
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For Patient

Mobile app
Your easy-to-use guide for a smooth monitoring experience. The app seamlessly connects to your devices, keeps all your reports in one place, and offers helpful guidance whenever you need it
Tele medicine
Stay connected with your care team from the comfort of your home. Discuss your health, receive guidance, and have your doctor review your vital signs data in real-time – just like an in-person visit. All this from the comfort of your home
Continuous monitoring
Your core vital signs are continuously monitored and analyzed by AI, providing your care team with real-time insights. Rest assured knowing they're proactively overseeing your recovery, even while you relax at home with loved ones
Complete mobility
Experience freedom of movement during your recovery. Our wireless biosensors allow you to walk around your home, garden, or wherever you feel comfortable – promoting faster healing. Simply carry the mobile device in your pocket for continuous monitoring.
24/7 Support
Get peace of mind with round-the-clock assistance for any questions or concerns about your monitoring system.

For Healthcare Provider

Centralized Monitoring Station
Gain a comprehensive overview of your home care patients from a single dashboard. View real-time vitals, historical trends, and AI-powered alerts for proactive patient management - as if they were within the hospital setting. Customize alerts for personalized care
Doctor app
Access your patient's vital signs anytime, anywhere. View real-time data, historical trends, and receive Nurse messages directly on your mobile device. You are in control, initiate video consultations, and provide comprehensive care regardless of your location
Early Warning System
Proactively identify patient deterioration with automated Early Warning Scores and historical trends. Facilitate timely interventions, effective triage, and prevent serious adverse events - safeguarding patients in their homes
Tele medicine
Anytime, Anywhere' patient access. Deliver virtual consultations or drug dosage adjustments supported by live and historical vital signs, replicating a comprehensive in-person experience. Expand your reach and provide exceptional care regardless of location.
The comprehensive suite of Vigo Interfaces

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