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ECG Rhythm Monitoring, Never Miss a Beat!

VigoHeart integrates seamlessly into patients' daily life, discreetly capturing vital heart data during everyday activities. With our 98% patient compliance rate, you get maximum diagnostic yield.

Combatting Arrhythmia - A Silent Killer

VigoHeart empowers proactive heart health monitoring with unparalleled accuracy and ease. Designed to combat the rising threat of arrhythmias and sudden cardiac deaths, our solution seamlessly integrates into patients daily routines. No downtime, no complicated setups – just clinical-grade insights to prevent cardiac events.




Hours monitoring


Arrhythmias Reported

VigoHeart: AI-powered, clinical-grade heart monitoring that seamlessly captures your heart rhythm, identifying 21+ types of arrhythmias.
A seamless end-to-end monitoring experience
VigoHeart offers flexibility with its device-agnostic approach, ensuring compatibility with the best-in-class wearable devices for ultimate comfort. Seamlessly integrated with the VigoLife app on your smartphone, the solution delivers discreet yet clinical-grade heart monitoring
Doctor Dashboard

Empower your practice with intuitive dashboards, near real-time Raw ECG data, and direct report delivery. Gain complete control and visibility over patient monitoring.

Patient App

Experience effortless heart monitoring with the intuitive VigoLife app on your smartphone. Enjoy seamless device pairing, automated data uploads, a user-friendly event diary, and guidance throughout your monitoring period


Our FDA-approved biosensors combine clinical accuracy with exceptional comfort. Compact, lightweight (just 7.5 grams), and designed for multi-day wear (up to 14 days), they prioritize both performance and patient experience.


Advantages of VigoHeart in the Vigo Ecosystem


Clinical-Grade Reporting

Tried & tested algorithms detect over 21 types of arrhythmias. Reports are double-verified by certified technicians with 98.5% specificity and 96.9% sensitivity, generated in under an hour.

Extended Monitoring

Reusable, rechargeable sensors enable multi-day monitoring, making VigoHeart an ideal alternative to traditional Holters & External Loop Recorders (ELRs).


High Diagnostic Yield

Our wireless solution enables real-life monitoring and utilizes advanced noise filtering to produce an average of 98.6% analyzable data, significantly increasing diagnostic yield with VigoHeart


Enhanced Patient Comfort

Shower-proof devices with an ultra-light, flexible design maximize wear comfort and compliance. Discreet monitoring seamlessly fits into daily routines.


Flexible Payment Options

Our pay-per-use SaaS model eliminates upfront investments (Zero Capex). Monitor unlimited patients concurrently and expand your arrhythmia screening capacity.

Device Agnostic Approach

We integrate the best-in-class devices for optimal patient and clinician experience, allowing you to focus on your practice, not the ever changing Hardware landscape.

The vigo cycle

Certainly, here's a more concise version of the Vigo Cycle


Patient Onboarding

Easily enroll patients directly within your clinic, maintaining full control over the monitoring process.


Device Pairing

The intuitive VigoLife app guides patients through pairing their device – as easy as connecting headphones!


AI-Powered Analysis

ECG data is analyzed by an FDA-approved AI engine, then verified by ECG experts for accuracy.


Ongoing Support

Our VigoBuddy team is readily available via WhatsApp or phone to answer any questions. Be Assured!


Clinical Reports

Receive comprehensive, double-verified reports quickly, delivered directly to your secure care portal.

A quick recap on what our expert Cardiologists spoke on Arrhythmia and their so far experience with Vigocare technology for cardiac care .

Dr Rajeev Garg

Aware Gleneagles Global Hospital

Hyderabad, TG

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