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Elevating In-Hospital
Patient Care

Transform your hospital ward monitoring with Vigo SmartWard, our comprehensive solution designed to enhance patient outcomes and streamline healthcare operations.

Transforming Hospitals,
One Ward At A Time.
Experience the Benefits of Vigo SmartWard
Centralized Nursing Station
Intuitive dashboards provide real-time visibility of all patients. Automated vitals recording eliminates manual tasks, freeing staff for high-value patient care.
Bedside Tablet Monitoring
Replaces traditional monitors with a digital interface for real-time vitals, historical trends, and comprehensive assessment during caregiver rounds.
Wireless Biosensors
Enhance patient mobility within wards with a fully wireless design and capture vital signs continuously. Our best-in-class sensors prioritize wear comfort and clinical accuracy.
Remote Doctor Access
Empowers healthcare professionals with secure, anytime access to patient data and insights. Facilitate informed remote consultations.
24/7 Support
Receive round-the-clock technical support and regular updates to ensure the system operates efficiently and without interruption.
Automated AI Reports
Leverage advanced analytics tools to process and visualize data, aiding in clinical decisions and improving patient outcomes.
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Enhancing Patient Outcomes with Continuous Monitoring
Implementing a comprehensive ward monitoring solution can significantly enhance hospital operations and patient care. Here are some key statistics and metrics that highlight the potential improvements
Reduction in Hospital Mortality
Including Readmissions- evidence of patient deterioration may be present 6-24 hours before an episode, allowing timely decision-making.
Reduction of Severe Adverse Episode
We’ve implemented an automated vital signs monitoring and notification system to increase RRT notifications and RRT interventions associated with decreases in cardiac arrests, overall mortality, and illness severity.
Reduction in Response Time
For Example, 66% of cardiac arrest patients show abnormal signs and symptoms up to 6 hours before cardiac arrest, but physicians are only notified 25% of the time.
Reduction in the readmission rates
SmartWard enables early detection, personalized interventions, and improved communication, empowering both patients and providers to stay ahead of potential complications through proactive management.
Empowering Healthcare Teams
The Impact of Ward Monitoring Solutions
Centralized Monitoring Station
Gain a comprehensive overview of all patients in the ward. Remotely monitor patient status from anywhere, streamlining workflow, prioritizing critical care, and saving valuable nursing time.
Early Warning Systems (EWS)
Automates patient risk identification, reducing manual tasks and saving valuable time. Early detection of deterioration allows caregivers to respond quickly and plan proactive interventions.
Access color-coded trends and historical data for comprehensive patient insights. Support informed decision-making, early interventions, and improved patient outcomes.
Patient Mobility
Wireless biosensors and a fully wireless solution promote patient freedom, comfort, and enhanced compliance. Patients can move freely within the ward during continuous monitoring, without sacrificing data integrity.
The comprehensive suite of Vigo Interfaces

Experience the Future of Healthcare

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