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An AI-centric, Continuous Patient Monitoring Platform

Vigocare's comprehensive remote patient monitoring platform revolutionizes patient care, enabling timely interventions, a seamless continuum of care, and increased healthcare accessibility.

Our applications were designed with a single goal

Empowering Healthcare Professionals to be in Control of Disease Progression

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Clinics and hospitals are transforming patient care with Vigocare'Digital-First Monitoring Solutions advanced dashboards, digital biomarkers, and critical insights. Gain a competitive edge and deliver better patient outcomes.




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Digital-First Monitoring Solutions
Vigocare is your all-in-one, device-agnostic, and AI-powered patient monitoring platform, offering solutions across a variety of disease conditions. We handle the technology, so you can focus on what matters most: your patients and their progression.
Heart Rhythm Monitoring
Effortless continuous ambulatory ECG monitoring for timely arrhythmia detection and intervention
Smart Ward Monitoring
Transform your ward with AI enabled multi-parameter monitoring. Reducing nurse burden with enhanced patient care.
Hospital at home
Extending hospital-level care at comfort of the home with control throughout the care journey.
A quick recap on what our expert Cardiologists spoke on Arrhythmia and their so far experience with Vigocare technology for cardiac care .

Dr Rajeev Garg

Aware Gleneagles Global Hospital

Hyderabad, TG

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Vigo Case Studies
Cardiologist's timely intervention averted a potential emergency, thanks to a clear, periodic report.

A 77-year-old male presented in the Cardiac OPD with the complaints of occasional palpitations. As part of his assessment, he was prescribed .

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Clinical Articles
Classification of Cardiac

An arrhythmia is an abnormal sinus rhythm with normal atrioventricular (AV) conduction. Normal sinus rhythm originates from the sinus node in the upper portion of the right atrium.

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Vigo Publications
Screening for Heart Rhythm Disorders in Female IT Workers with Continuous Wireless Monitoring: A Community Study

ABSTRACT Objectives: The role of screening cardiac arrhythmias provides continuum of care to rediscover the causes and prevention strategies.

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